VCS Certified Partner

1. Purpose
The Yealink Video Conferencing System (VCS) Partner Certified Program is designed to reward Partners for their consistent performance and investment, and to ensure that Yealink VCS customers receive consistent, high quality support from certified partners.
2. Scope
2.1 Applicable objects: Yealink VCS Partners 
2.2 Valid period of this program: Jan.1, 2017-Dec.31, 2017
2.3 All Partner certifications are valid for two years from date of certification. Certified Partner will be re-qualified after two years. Current certified partners shall be bound to their latest program requirements, if Yealink updates the VCS Partner Certified Program before the Partners’ certification expiration date. 
3. Definition 
3.1 Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer (CVE) means a video conferencing engineer trained and certified by Yealink in advanced configuration, management, maintenance, and troubleshooting for the Yealink VCS product families.
3.2 Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Sales Expert means a sales person has a further knowledge of video conferencing value, sales policies and abilities for business development.
3.3 Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Partner is a certification granted to those Partners who obtain both Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Certification and Certified Video Conferencing Sales Expert Certification and signing the Tripartite Agreement between the Partner, his Distributor and Yealink.
4. Requirements for the VCS Certified Partner
Step 1. 
The Partner is required to build Yealink VCS service capability, and assign a minimum of one VCS sales person and one technical engineer who participate in the training, pass the test and obtain the Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Sales Expert Certificate and Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Certificate. Refer toYealink Certified Video Conferencing Pre-Sales Expert ProgramYealink Certified Video Conferencing Sales Expert Program and Yealink Certified Video Conferencing Engineer Expert Program for detailed information.
If a Partner wants to build a demo room, the Partner can apply for a second discounted Demo Kit directly through local distributors or a Yealink sales representative.
The Certificate of engineer & sales expert will be effective long-term, or until terminated by Yealink.
 Primary contact information for the VCS technical engineer and sales person shall be provided to the Distributor in order to arrange training.
 If the employee with certification leaves the organization or transfers jobs, the Partner must replace the employee with another and obtain a new certification.
Note: For VCS new products, Certified Technical Engineer and Sales Expert shall also participate in the training and pass the test.
Step 2.
The Partner shall sign the Tripartite Agreement between the Partner, his Distributor and Yealink after finishing the training and passing the test. (Refer to EXHIBIT A for the Agreement).

5. Benefits for the VCS Certified Partner
The Partner will be offered a VCS Certificate and an online logo. This can be used as a sales and marketing differentiator to use with Customers and Prospects.
5.1 Registered and approved opportunities by the Partner will receive priority support, including price discounts, on-site technical support, and more. Please refer to Yealink Opportunity Incentive Program for VCS for details.
5.2 Certified Partners are eligible to participate in the Yealink Partner Level Program of the following year, which enables Partners to receive more supports, such as MDF, Rebate etc. Detailed information please refers to Yealink Partner Level Program 2017.
5.3 The Partner will have access to free online training delivered by Yealink.
5.4 The Partner will have complete access to marketing materials.
6. Program Registration Process
6.1 The Partner contact Distributor to apply for certification.
6.2 Yealink evaluates the Partner’s qualification.
6.3 For the Partner obtains Yealink approval will be certified according the requirements set forth in Clause 4.
6.4 The Partner who meets program certification requirements will be certified and offered a certificate by Yealink.
Please note that the Yealink VCS Partner Certified Program is subject to change. Yealink reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to post supplemental program information or modify this document. Yealink will provide notification to Distributors and Partners regarding material program or policy changes.